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If you have been abused by your spouse or partner, there are several things you can do to be prepared in the event that it should happen again.  If it is unsafe to go home, you and your children may have to find a safe place to stay for the night, or even longer.  If you are prepared when the violence occurs, you are more likely to be able to respond quickly and find solutions to the problem.

Here are some things you should have ready:

1. Always have some money hidden to be used for later emergencies.  Put away a few dollars each paycheck.

2. Have extra keys made for the car and the house and keep them hidden.  Make   sure you put them in a safe place so you can get to them if you need to.

3. Have the following items ready in case you need to move out quickly: Bank accounts; Insurance policies; Marriage license; Driver's license; Social Security numbers (for all family member); Birth Certificates; and valuable jewelry. Have clothing and documents hidden in one central place (like the garage, closet, in an over-night bag, so it is ready when you need it and easy to get to.

4. Have a small bag of clothing for yourself and your children in case you have to stay with a friend or safe-house overnight.

5. Before the abuse happens again, notify a neighbor to be alert to strange noises and to call the police in case you can't.

6. Figure out what the abuser's pattern of behavior is during the violent stage so that you can be prepared to protect yourself next time, or so you can take action to leave the situation.

7. If the abuser tends to be violent, get rid of weapons in the house before the violence occurs again.

8. Consider first the safety of yourself and your children in deciding how to best work this problem out.  The abuser may have to prove he or she has made changes and is willing to go to counseling if necessary.  Don't rely on promises alone. Promise are sometimes used to get the family back together, but the abuser really does not want to change anything.

9. Above all, don't hesitate to call the police.  there are recent laws in place to assist victims of domestic violence and you may need the protection.

10. Remember, everyone of us should have such an escape bag planned.  No one knows what kind of emergency, flood, fire, etc. may happen.  Be prepared.

The Workplace Safety Plan

At work, you may want to:


What you should know

What you can do

•  If you are in imminent danger, call police immediately. If you need someone to talk with, women's centers and shelters in the area offer a variety of services.

Where you can call

Battered Women's Hotline



Utah Domestic Violence Shelters:

· Utah Domestic Violence Advisory Council 120 N. 200 West 2nd Floor Salt Lake City UT 84103 801-538-4100

· Blanding Safehouse Office of Social Services 522 North 100 East Blanding UT 84511 Business #: 801-678-3211

· YWCA 618 East 200 North Brigham City UT 84302 Business #: 801-734-2233

· Color Country Cottage Women's Crisis Center 106 North 100 East Cedar City UT 84720 Business #: 801-865-7443 Hotline/Crisis: 801-586-3842 Toll Free: (800)953-3842

· Citizens Against Physical & Sexual Abuse (CAPSA) P.O. Box 3617 Logan UT 84323 Business #: 801-752-4493 Hotline/Crisis: 801-753-2500

· Seekhaven P.O. Box 729 Moab UT 84532 Business #: 801-259-2229

· YCC of Ogden / Northern Utah 2261 Adams Avenue Ogden UT 84001 Business #: 801-392-7273

· Domestic Peace Task Force P.O. Box 682141 Park City UT 84068

· Coleen Quigley Women's Center 90 North 100 East Price UT 84501 Business #: 801-637-6850

· The Center for Women & Children in Crisis P.O. Box 1075 Provo UT 84063 Business #: 801-374-9351 Hotline/Crisis: 801-377-5500

· New Horizon Crisis Center 146 North Main Street Richfield UT 84701 Toll Free: (800)343-6302

· Women In Jeopardy Program YWCA 322 E. 300 South Salt Lake City UT 84111 Business #: 801-355-2804 Hotline/Crisis: 801-355-2804

· Office of Social Services 168 North 100 East St. George UT 84770 Business #: 801-673-9691

· Tooele Safehouse Office of Social Services Tooele UT 84074 Business #: 801-833-7300

· Women's Crisis Center Uintah Basin Counseling 559 North 1700 West Vernal UT 84078 Business #: 801-781-0743

· Project Sanctuary 7839 South 2700 West West Jordan UT 84088 Business #: 801-255-5501


phone: 801-539-0852 email: